We Are Proud to Be the Biggest Wooden Door Manufacturer in Turkey
More than one million doors and door components have been produced in dozens of countries.

The Kapim brand, which is part of Kahramanlar Forest Products Ürünleri, exports the doors it produces to dozens of countries, and cooperates with more than 7000 companies in Turkey on the basis of doors and projects. We look forward to seeing you as a part of this family!

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Production planning and development at Kapım is carried out with dozens of engineers and technical staff. Our production tracking software also provides services to other companies.



Our products are carried out with high technology machines such as 5x CNCs, UV paint lines and coating sewing lines in our factory site. Each product is checked and approved by our engineers.


Fair Price

Our products, which are completely optimized and produced with mass production, maintain their position in the market with competitive prices while maintaining their quality. Thanks to our newly produced U Frame and U Moulding, we have managed to reduce the paint cost on lacquered doors by up to 60%.

Features of Our Signature Doors

As KAPIM brand, it is our top priority to produce high quality, durable and long-lasting doors. We not only consider world standards in our doors, but also closely follow the technological developments in our field and use the latest technologies in our products. We provide long-lasting protection to our doors by using UV-resistant coating. Fire resistant and soundproof doors are also included in our product range.

Fire Endurance

Sound Insulation

UV Lacquer Coating

5-axis CNC

Modern Design

Abrasion Resistance